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I totally should've added a line like I said here onto my fangirl meme post .  It's so true!  Last night, my husband and I became the proud owners of seven seasons of Star Trek: DS9.  (damn Future Shop sales!  They were all marked down to $45 each.  We watched the first 6 episodes.  I forgot how wonderful Emissary was.   Such a great introduction to the series!    I always remembered the later seasons as being really awesome, but the early ones weren't bad for being stand alone episodes - kinda.  I mean, like my husband said.. all this first season is about how messed up the station is and it needs to be fixed.    I was so fangirly watching it all. I was all yay!  Kira!  Yay Odo!  Yay! Bashir (gosh he's so young and cute!), Yay O'Brien! Yay Dax!  Yay Quark, etc and so forth.  Stopped after watching the Q episode Q-Less.  Man, Q is always fun.

On the other side of geekiness, I found a New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits cd there too.  Just released.. okay, so I knew it was released cause I got the email from their website..   Went yoink, bought it, my husband made loud noises at the register about how it wasn't his.  Now I have it ripped to memory card and playing in my psp at work.   I'm really wishing October and my trip to Minneapolis for the concert wasn't so far away!  Then I remember I still have to confirm that the other person going with me is really able to, and I have to see about a hotel - or atleast staying with a friend of mine down there.  Why couldn't they have made a concert stop in Winnipeg, darn it!   Oh well.  Road trip in October still sounds fun.  I have 4 tickets, and another friend is driving in from Ann Arbor to go with us.  4 30 something year olds going to a concert to watch a bunch of 40 year old guys relive their teenage/20s.  Should be fun.  ;)

Ah, the start to my day...


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