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The Good Wife, Chris Noth | 15 EW Entertainers of the Year | Photo 2 of 16 |

I don't know what it is.. but this picture disturbs me a tiny bit cause I want.. and don't want... to know what Chris is doing to Alan behind his back.

TV watching

Oct. 7th, 2008 02:49 pm
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So I find myself sad because I've finally caught up on Supernatural. I want more shows, and now I have to wait each week instead of new (to me) Supernatural every night! Oh well, it allows me to pick up new shows I guess.

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So awesome!

Even if the newest episode had no cow :(

Agent Scott!
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So, my tv shows and thoughts...

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So I finally got around to watching Fringe - only a day or so late.. and it was good.  Really good. Like, I'm scared Fox is gonna realize and cancel them. (cause that happens whenever I REALLY like a Fox show).  I'm looking forward to the next one now.

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Anyways.. those are my thoughts on Fringe.
Please let Fox not cancel it.
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Ah, tv premiere season is upon us.. and that means tonight I watched the first hour of Gossip Girl (cause I missed it last night due to the Oasis concert) and 2 hours of 90210.

I had many giggles and happy comments during Gossip Girl. Good return episode.

The new 90210 isn't too bad. I may have to watch more. I, at the very least, enjoyed all the references to the old series. Love Jennie Garth!

Yay for new tv :)

Also.. I just found out the next season of the Sarah Jane Adventures will air September 29! Yay for more Doctor Who related tv! :) (even if it's kiddie Who. I still liked season 1 - Sarah Jane is great and Luke is cool)

Next up - tomorrow is Bones, then Monday will be the addition of Sarah Connor Chronicles - will have to choose which is taped/which is watched... same time as Gossip Girl.

I feel I have to wait too long for Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice (Sept 25 and Oct 1..) Gosh darn it. Now I got the Sarah Jane Adventures to download too since it's BBC.


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