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And here's another installment! 

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Somehow, the ideas keep coming.  Thank you to tabloid fodder - I can just keep writing!
Also, thank you for all the love.  Tin Man fandom is Rawesome.

Crack!fic inside )
Princess Azkadee continues to see Captain Cain (sounds like a superhero, can I get my own action hero figure? Mmm, maybe one that’s fully functional like Azkadee’s?) , though reps for the royal family tell us that “they’re just friends”. Inside sources tell me that Jebaz appears to be going strong though, but the two lovebirds want to keep their romance under the radar. Rumor is that Princess DG is in a snit over it (well, who can blame her?) and the two sisters aren’t talking. BFF over so soon? Oh well, that’s what sisters do right? The two of them have a lot of fighting over dolls and toys to catch up on. (And what a toy, indeed, meow girls).   Family friend Airofday let slip that “DG’s soooo over that” but maybe the claws are starting to show?   After all, DG and Azkadee haven’t been seen together now in weeks, well, outside of family functions. 
Naughty Dealings
Continuing on the royal family entourage news, Antoine DeMilo was caught with 2 bottles of vapors and charged with possession of a narcotic. Central City's Tin Men staged a raid on his club, but nothing was found to link the vapors with anyone other than DeMilo. nor were anymore bottles found. However, there’s rumors the investigation is focused on the Royal family now, what with DG helping bankroll his club and all.
Mysterious Furry Visitor
Paparazzi recently witnessed a Viewer going into the palace through a backdoor, trying to avoid the crowds. Why does the Royal family need a Viewer visiting? Is it related to the earlier rumors of illness? Also, why did they feel the need to hide the visit? Reps for the family released a statement that “Ambassador Raw of the Viewers is a friend of the family visiting for a short period of time. He’s just very sensitive to crowds.” That’s the official line folks... I wonder what the unofficial is?
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I couldn't sleep with this running though my head.. Gah!
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And it strikes again....  Thank you to [personal profile] erinm_4600for Frolic

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As my crack!fic seems to actually have gotten more plot...


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