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I updated my account and [ profile] velwriteshere today. Man, that was tough since I lost my old usb drive. I had to go searching through [ profile] tm_challenge and [ profile] tinman100 . Plus the comment fics (I still have the emails from the two I need to do.. I'm just.. not finding it easy. Btw, thank you mods for the tags!

Anyone know if there's a way to see who has you favorited on there? I'm curious..

Anyways, I am gonna participate in [ profile] tm_challenge 's Big Damn Prompt Table this year. And so very much going to actually try to do it.. but I signed up as Team DeMilo.. I don't want to compete at it, then I feel bad when I don't do it or don't get enough points. Besides, DeMilo's awesome.

So much creative writing homework to do. Poem analysis, 2 critiques and I have to write a sonnet. About love. Then change it into slang. I'm a little scared. I wasted time this weekend too, this is due Thursday. Haven't started. Then there's my workshop piece which should be next week. It's not really.. working. I've been getting pretty pissed off at it.

On WoW, I've been raiding with my main character Jeymien, and catching alts up so I have use of their professions. I now have my warrior/blacksmith at 72, and my shaman/alchemist is 64. Need to get her to atleast 65 so I can train her in northrend potions. I also got my onyxia whelpling.. It's so cute! And started with the Pilgrim's Bounty achievements. I can see that some are going to be really annoying. But it's been an awesome way to catch my toons without cooking up. You can pretty much go from 1-350 cooking on just the quests for the holiday. 3 characters with maxed cooking, a 4th part of the way... As for the raiding on Jeymien, regular ToC25 is getting too easy for our guild.. but we get our asses kicked on Northrend Beasts on TOGC25. Very sad. So we've been running Ulduar for badges and hardmodes. Fun Fun. I hope 3.3 drops soon. I want Icecrown Citadel.

Lifewise, I've started Weightwatchers again. I'm doing it online though, not the in-person meetings. I love the online tracker. I've also started Wii Fitting again, and in my first week of doing both, I lost 5 lbs. I think my scale may be wonky though. I might need new batteries or a new scale. This week, I didn't wii fit though. I feel bad about that. But my husband had the tv all the time! He's been addicted to Dragon Age: Origins. (Btw, if you're interested in it, the fact that it has kept my husband occupied for two weeks straight and he's finished it 4 times says alot - I want the chance to play it too!) I am gonna try to fix that this week, starting tonight. Wii Fit for half an hour!

I'm looking forward to Christmas, when I can see my husband again properly. I got Rememberance Day with him... but I still hate the fact he's evenings Mon-Thurs.

Well, back to the job.. what little there is to do right now. Maybe I can get my sonnet going...
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I am a bad bad fan.  I sat through Flashforward last week (love that show) and I was all, I totally recognize that actor playing Lloyd Simcoe.  I just don't know where.. it was today I realized where.. Pirates of the Carribbean.   He was Norrington!   I loved his character.  

I actually watched Flashforward because the premise seemed like a neat idea, plus, it's written by a Canadian author, Robert Sawyer.  Now I'm just fangirling Jack Davenport (though I do also enjoy John Cho and Sonya Walger)

Anyways, this is more randomness.  Somehow I'm finding myself posting alot today (in other words... my work desk is very very empty. I'm working on my creative writing class at work today.)
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I've realized I don't post that much. Plus, I was all into the idea of posting on my vacation and then never did. Meh. But.. I had all these plans... then I got sick halfway through the trip. Nothing like a good head and chest cold to make you really lazy.

I'm just starting to get over it now.


But here was my trip for those interested.

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )
Tuesday and Wednesday )

Thursday )

Friday )

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Sunday )

The last two weeks )


Aug. 17th, 2009 09:33 am
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 Well, I'm on vacation in Sunny California (or not so sunny this morning, but I'm assured by that the clouds will disappear in a few hours.  The trip down was long, our 2 hours in Denver turned into 3.  But the husband and I managed to entertain ourselves, we made friends with the flight crew as we all went back and forth between gates.  (Denver's pretty big.. we arrived at gate 89... our next one was at gate 22, then that was changed to 44... and then finally ended at 32. - quite the adventure.)

So we made it down here okay.  Spent the rest of the day not really doing that much.  Was 5 am CST when we got up to go to the airport, and we finally made it to the hotel around 4pm PST.  We ended up walking over to the Anaheim Garden Walk (neat place!) and checked out the stores.  Had dinner at Bubba Gump Co.  Awesome shrimp.. and I had a drink that I ended up getting a huge glass with.  First souvenir!   We conked out around 9:30 pm PST (after I went to the hotel pool and found no hot tub.  I nearly switched hotels cause of it!  Except.. good luck finding anything better in Anaheim in August (especially with Blizzcon at the end of the week.)

Yesterday we went on another adventure.. seems the hotel map was a little inaccurate.. we walked 45 minutes to Target and back.. (husband needed some items.)  Had IHOP for breakfast, yum.. then it was straight to Disney's California Adventure.  That place is huge.  The best of the day there was Soarin' Over California and the California Screamin'.   Tower of Terror was kinda meh.  Big buildup.... tiny overture.   We got there around 11, left at 8:30ish.  (missed the fireworks and parade.. husband was ready to go.. I was up for parking for a parade spot.  Oh well, maybe tonight.)  Gosh my feet hurt.  Not used to all that standing and walking! (yes, I'm that lazy.. but it was alot of time on my feet!)

Today is Magic Kingdom, maybe go back over to California Adventure and catch a couple things we missed (Disney Playhouse and the Aladdin Musical).  I've got breakfast in the park with Minnie and friends reserved for us.  I'm looking forward to it.

Hey, if I miss anything while I'm on vacation and you think I might like it... link it to me on this post.  I'm soooooo not paying attention to LJ until I'm back.  But thank goodness for a laptop and hotel wireless.

Chat with ya'll later!


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